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It all began in casual conversations with family and friends, talking about the recurring hassle of receiving parcels. Wishing someone had a smarter solution. Searching the web, we stumbled upon an early-stage startup on a crowdfunding platform. Unfortunately, only targeting the US market. Not taking no for an answer, we contacted the team in Silicon Valley. After all, the ‘last mile’ is a universal problem. This initial contact evolved into a close relationship. Today, uCella Europe is the exclusive distribution partner for the European Union and EFTA countries.

We believe that uCella is the missing link in e-commerce. It enhances the convenience of home shopping and eliminates the time wasted on home delivery. Both for consumers as well as delivery services. The e-commerce sector talks a lot about the reaching the consumer. In our view, the answer lies in avoiding the obligatory encounter of receiver and deliverer. Thereby reducing the number of failed delivery and pick-up attempts to virtually zero and also extending the time window. This eliminates a lot of the inconvenience, inefficiency and unnecessary miles. As such, it also contributes to better working conditions, a cleaner environment and supports the social responsibility and sustainability of the sector.

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