Online shopping without delivery hassle

Anyone who regularly shops online, knows the problem. Waiting for the delivery or not being at home when it arrives. The package is left unattended at the door, goes to the neighbors or is returned to the depot. Then you have to hurry to a busy pick-up point to get there in time with your missed delivery note. Cumbersome and outdated. There has to be an easier way?

Smart and sleek parcelbox

uCella is an innovative parcelbox with an elegant design and flexible content. Easy to use with normal track and trace codes. These shipping codes are read from the confirmation emails from online shops and delivery services. The delivery person simply scans the package, unlocks the box and safely drops the parcel. Conversely, he can also pickup returns. The parcelbox has an unique code as signature for receipt.

The smart parcelbox is linked to a personal webaccount with mobile app. Through the app, the user gets instant notification of every delivery. If so desired, together with a voice message of the courier. Through the app, the parcelbox can also be shared within a household or with neighbors.


design icon Slim and flexible, collapsed <11 cm deep, deployed >200 liters of volume;

return icon Suitable for all your deliveries and returns;

scan icon Works with shipping-/barcodes of all couriers (as onetime access codes);

security icon Secure and weatherproof;

install icon Easy installation (no wires) and intuitive operation;

app icon Full control through iOS / Android App with push notifications of activities;

share icon Can be shared with multiple users, such as relatives or neighbors;

delivery icon Ability to issue (onetime) access codes to acquaintances;

voice icon Ability to record messages and play back in the App;

cloud icon Automatic software updates.

uCella closed dimensions
uCella open dimensions


  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n
  • 10,2 cm (4,0”) TFT LCD scherm
  • Scanner for QR- and barcodes with IR nightview
  • Microphone (58-110 dB) and speaker (90 dB) for voice messages
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with internal backup power
  • Battery life of 3 months on average use
  • Backup power for 3 days (during recharging of batterypack)
  • Tested for use at -15 tot 50 °C

Any questions?

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