uCella for eCommerce

uCella for eCommerce
2016 State of eCommerce report

Anyone who is engaged in e-commerce, is familiar with the stubborn problem of the “last mile”. In the Netherlands, about a quarter of all packages cannot be delivered the first time round and ends up at a neighbor or collection point. In some areas, this even amounts to one-third of all home calls. The additional costs for the industry are large and rapidly increasing, the extra environmental impact left aside.

The concerns and grievances of consumers around delivery and returns are one of the top three reasons to abandon their shopping carts. To increase conversion, webshops and couriers compete with ever more services. Evening and weekend delivery, also on Sunday, the same day or at a prearranged time… trying everything to maximize the hit rate. Inefficient, expensive and not very durable. Attempts to seduce online consumers to use alternative drop-off locations like parcel points, central lock boxes or even car trunks have hardly paid off. In most studies, at least 80% of homeshoppers keep a clear preference for (next day) home delivery. As such, the home delivery experience is a major driver for share of wallet.

Fast delivery

uCella puts an end to the issues around the “last mile”. uCella is a smart, expandable parcelbox that operates with normal track & trace codes. These shipping codes are retrieved from the confirmation emails or apps of webshops and delivery services. The delivery person simply scans the barcode on the package, unfolds the box and drops the parcel safely inside. No hassle with proprietary access codes or other complicated adjustments of logistical processes. If required, a unique code inside the box can act as signature for receipt. The courier can also opt for data integration to exchange delivery information.

Easy return

With the same ease, the courier can pick-up (return) shipments on its regular route. When the webshop or delivery service provides a (return) shipping code, parcels can be retrieved from uCella with hardly any extra effort. After all, all customer and parcel characteristics (such as weight) are already known. This makes the logistics much more efficient than say, scheduled pick-ups. Consumers no longer need to visit a parcel point, which they often postpone. The webshop or courier can easily charge the shipping costs to an online account. A major contributor to customer experience and loyalty.


We believe that uCella offers a win-win-win in the last (and first) mile. With more convenience and efficiency for consumers, e-tailers and delivery services. Together we can create many new value propositions like:

  • profitable delivery subscriptions;
  • preferred return and shipping services;
  • cost-effective data exchange of tracking, delivery and signature information.

We welcome inquiries about the possibilities of sales, joint promotion, private labeling and data links. The uCella technology is modular and the form factor adaptable to specific needs. This also applies to the SaaS platform with iOS and Android apps and APIs. Mail or call Chris Leyds (+31 653708656) for more information or to make an appointment.