home for all your parcels

your personal parcel point


uCella has an elegant design and flexible volume. uCella hangs like a flat letterbox on your wall and can be wrapped in any color. Expanded, uCella provides ample space for multiple packages. Easy to assemble and operate.


uCella processes the shipping codes you receive by e-mail and stores them as one-time access codes. The courier simply scans the barcode on the package to open the box. With the mobile app you can track and manage everything.


uCella is safe, weatherproof and durable. Your parcels are never left unattended on your doorstep or at the neighbors. And you no longer have to wait for a delivery or visit a busy pickup point. Also very handy for your own (return)shipments.

never miss your delivery again

Always home for your deliveries and returns

Works with all barcodes as onetime access codes for couriers

Can be shared with multiple users, such as relatives or neighbors

Ability to give (onetime) access codes to acquaintances

Stylish and flexible, collapsed <11 cm deep, deployed >200 liters volume

Weatherproof and secure, with regular software updates

Easy installation (no wires) and intuitive operation

Full control through iOS / Android App with push notofications of activities