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Online shopping without delivery stress. uCella, your personal parcel point at home. Smart, stylish and safe. Never wait for or miss your delivery again.

What’s the deal?

uCella parcelbox with rechargeable battery pack;
online services with iPhone and Android App;
€ 50.- discount;
2-year factory warranty.

Installation Service (Netherlands only)

You can easily install uCella with a drill and screwdriver. Would you rather have us do this for you? Choose our installation service. We will make an appointment to mount your uCella at the desired location and walk you through the activation procedure. We also take plenty of time for further explanation and questions.


Smart, stylish and secure

design icon Slim and flexible, collapsed <11 cm deep, deployed >200 liters of volume;

return icon Suitable for all your deliveries and returns;

scan icon Works with shipping-/barcodes of all couriers (as onetime access codes);

security icon Secure and weatherproof;

install icon Easy installation (no wires) and intuitive operation;

app icon Full control through iOS / Android App with push notifications of activities;

share icon Can be shared with multiple users, such as relatives or neighbors;

delivery icon Ability to issue (onetime) access codes to acquaintances;

voice icon Ability to record messages and play back in the App;

cloud icon Automatic software updates.

  • If you order on behalf of a company based in outside the Netherlands, you are eligible for sales without VAT. Please validate your VAT number at the checkout.
  • When you activate your uCella, you enter a monthly subscription of €2,95 for the online services.
  • Share the love and receive – for each order through you – 3 months of online services for free (value € 8,85). Ask acquaintances to add your email address to their order in the field ‘Tipped by’.

Ordering, payment and delivery


All consumer prices in the webshop include VAT. According to European legislation, we must charge consumers the VAT rate of the country of origin. That is why we use location determination based on your browser settings. As soon as your address details are known to us, for example when you enter them during the ordering process, the VAT will be calculated definitively.


  1. After you have added the product (s) to your shopping cart, you go to the checkout page. Here you enter your address details and choose a payment method.
  2. Check your order and personal details again, view and accept the Terms of Service and click on ‘Place Order’.
  3. Depending on the chosen payment method, you will be redirected to the relevant payment service via a secure connection. Afterwards you return to our website and get an overview of your order.
  4. Within a few minutes you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. Did not receive anything? Then please also check your spambox.
  5. If you opted for paying later by bank transfer, you will receive another confirmation once we have processed your payment. The payment instructions can be found in the order confirmation.
  6. If you created an account while ordering, you can login again and follow your order, view / download / print your invoice or manage your personal details (for example, a change of address).
  7. The expected delivery time is stated in the order confirmation. Of course we will keep you posted on any changes.
  8. As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an e-mail with, if available, a track & trace code from the carrier.

Shipping and costs

We use well-known parcel services such as PostNL and DHL. Each instance we assess which carrier is most favorable based on your address, the size and weight of the package and the speed and certainty of delivery. The latter means that we do not want to have your order delivered to neighbors. So when you order an uCella parcelbox, you will have to be at home for delivery one last time. From then on, this smart, stylish and secure solution for all your deliveries and (return) shipments will do this for you.

Shipping costs are clearly stated in a separate line ‘Shipping’ in your order overview. Deliveries in the Netherlands are eligible for free shipping. International shipping costs are at most the amount that the chosen carrier charges us. Please visit the ‘shipping rates‘ page for more details.

Payment options

You can choose from various payment methods to pay quickly and safely:

iDEAL: pay through online banking, only available in some countries. No transaction costs are charged. During the iDEAL payment process, you choose your own bank. Check whether you are referred to the secure payment environment of your bank. The payment process at uCella Europe takes place in a secure environment. You can recognise this by the security icon in your browser.

Creditcard: we accept all VISA, Mastercard and American Express creditcards. Once the payment is authorized, you will receive a payment confirmation. Usually the data is verified within a few minutes, in a few cases a maximum of one day can pass. For this payment method we charge 1.8% transaction costs*.

PayPal: with PayPal you pay safely and easily for your online purchase. You do not need any additional token or likewise, because you can access your PayPal account with your e-mailaddress and password. For this payment method we charge 3.4% transaction costs*.

Bank transfer: pay offline by bank transfer. After placing your order you will receive an e-mail with the payment instructions. No transaction costs are charged. Your order will not be shipped until we have received and processed your payment.

Cash on delivery: you settle your order with the carrier at the time your package is delivered. Keep in mind that in principle you can only pay cash in the exact amount due, because delivery staff cannot always give change. For delivery on COD we charge transaction costs on behalf of the carrier. For example PostNL charges € 23.20 including VAT in the Netherlands. These transaction costs are additional to other possible shipping costs that apply to your order. Orders with a total amount of more than € 500.00 can not be sent COD.

* Certain payment services such as PayPal and Cash on delivery are relatively expensive. For these we charge a surcharge up to a maximum of the transaction fee that is charged to us by the payment provider in question. As soon as you click on the relevant payment method, this surcharge appears as a separate line in your order overview.

How do I install uCella?

The installation of uCella is very simple. uCella is powered by a rechargeable battery, so it doesn’t have any wiring. You only have to keep it within range of your Wi-Fi network. uCella comes with a mounting template and fasteners to hang it on a wall or pole. Connect the device to your Wi-Fi network, activate your account and you a ready to go.


How do I use uCella?

Smartphone app

  1. After your online order, you almost always get a message with a shipping code.
  2. You share this code through the uCella App with your parcelbox, where it acts as a onetime access code.
  3. Through the mobile app you are kept informed on the status of the delivery*.
  4. The delivery person simply scans the barcode and drops the package safely in the uCella.
  5. Immediately after delivery you receive a message via the mobile App.
  6. As a user, you open the uCella with your own PIN or QR-code in the mobile App.
  7. In the mobile App you can also view your order history with information on customer service and returns*.
  8. If you want to send something (back), you notify the store or courier to obtain a shipping code.
  9. This shipping code is also synchronized with your uCella.
  10. On the pick-up day, you will receive a reminder via the mobile App to place the package in the uCella.
* depending on the information exchange with the respective parcel service.

Can multiple users share a uCella?

Sure! Each user creates a personal uCella account and adds the device (see installation). In the mobile App you manage your own shipments, while sharing one and the same uCella parcelbox. Convenient for families, neighbors, buildings with multiple residents and businesses. Conversely, a user can link multiple uCella’s to his or her account. For example, one parcelbox at home and one at work.

Who has access to my uCella?

Only people with a valid access code can open the uCella. There are three types of codes; for users, couriers and guests. uCella users create their own PIN or use the QR-code in the App. Couriers simply scan the barcode on the package. This is the track & trace code in the shipping message that the user shares with the parcelbox through the App. Guests can obtain an access code from a user through the App. The access codes for couriers and guests are onetime only and expire automatically to prevent repeated use.

How secure is uCella?

uCella materials

uCella is made of strong, durable composite materials with a rigid metal chassis. This way the contents are protected from weather, vandalism and theft. uCella cannot be openend easily by breaking or cutting. Additionally uCella uses a smart lock to safely store all your packages. As the saying goes, opportunity makes a thief, eg when packages are left unattended on the doorstep. Should it ever go wrong, both the uCella and its contents are covered by most home insurance policies.

What are uCella’s dimensions?

What are uCella's dimensions?

uCella is a foldout parcelbox. Retracted, uCella hangs like a flat letterbox on the wall. Expanded, uCella provides ample space for multiple packages. Dimensions (HxWxD):

  • collapsed: approx. 58 x 55 x 11 cm
  • deployed: approx. 99 x 55 x 51 cm
  • interior: approx. 95 x 48 x 44 cm (effectively)

Are there accessories?

Not yet. Together with our partners we are developing products like a separate mounting pole and decorative adhesives in many colors and designs. Once these accessories are available, you’ll find them in the shop.

Shipping rates

These are the current rates of PostNL for shipping a uCella parcelbox (estimated weight: 13 kg.) from the Netherlands to your destination. For countries outside the European region, please contact uCella Inc.

Code Country excl. VAT incl. VAT
AT Austria  €       14,00  €     16,94
BE Belgium  €         9,00  €     10,89
BG Bulgaria  €       32,00  €     38,72
HR Croatia  €       45,46  €     55,01
CY Cyprus  €       31,00  €     37,51
CZ Czech Republic  €       21,00  €     25,41
DK Denmark  €       15,00  €     18,15
EE Estonia  €       32,00  €     38,72
FI Finland  €       23,00  €     27,83
FR France  €       15,00  €     18,15
DE Germany  €         9,00  €     10,89
GR Greece  €       45,46  €     55,01
HU Hungary  €       24,00  €     29,04
IS Iceland  €       45,46  €     55,01
IE Ireland  €       37,00  €     44,77
IM Isle of Man  €       96,24  €   116,45
IT Italy  €       18,00  €     21,78
LV Latvia  €       33,00  €     39,93
LI Liechtenstein  €       45,46  €     55,01
LT Lithuania  €       33,00  €     39,93
LU Luxemburg  €       13,00  €     15,73
MT Malta  €       96,24  €   116,45
MC Monaco  €       45,46  €     55,01
NO Norway  €       43,17  €     52,24
PL Poland  €       24,00  €     29,04
PT Portugal  €       35,00  €     42,35
RO Romania  €       31,00  €     37,51
SK Slovakia  €       21,00  €     25,41
SI Slovenia  €       24,00  €     29,04
ES Spain  €       21,00  €     25,41
SE Sweden  €       19,00  €     22,99
CH Switzerland  €       45,46  €     55,01
NL The Netherlands  €         0,00  €      0,00
TR Turkey  €       96,24  €   116,45
GB United Kingdom  €       15,00  €     18,15
VA Vatican City  €       45,46  €     55,01

What is the subscription service?

The use of standard track and trace codes is a major advantage of the uCella parcelbox. uCella continuously improves the exchange of shipping information with merchants and couriers, to keep offering you the best user experience. You will notice this by regular software updates of the parcelbox and mobile App.

In time we will offer additional services based on links with major parcel services and/or webshops. Think of the direct exchange of barcodes, an electronic signature for receipt and postage paid for (return) shipments from home (shipping costs will be booked in your account en collected periodically). This online service package will be subscription based. The owner (admin) will enter this subscription, which also applies to all other users of the parcelbox as authorized by the owner (manager). You will then have access to a premium version of the mobile App with this extra functionality.



Why create an account?

  • If you create an account while ordering, you can login later on and follow your order, view / download / print your invoice and manage your personal data (eg change of address).
  • Of course we take good care of your data and provide secure storage and links (Privacy Statement ).
  • We appreciate your interest. Therefore, we are selective in our communication and email you only occasionally.
  • If you no longer wish to receive our information, you can always opt out again.